Poke N Smoke - Instant Water Pipe Kit

  • $5.99

Poke n' Smoke - Instant Water Pipe Kit.

The Poke and Smoke is a great just in case or a cheap way to easily turn any number of things into a safe functioning water pipe. The Poke n Smoke was made with creativity in mind so you can easily turn a bottle into a water pipe or use it for fruit or what ever else you can think of. Its easy to clean and store. The Poke and Smoke Great for traveling and camping! If you like creating your own homemade water pipes this Poke n Smoke kit will make it easy! The Poke and Smoke Instant Water Pipe Kit is very easy to use. It comes with a plastic safety cap for when it is not being used.


1. Measure 2"-3" from the bottom of your plastic bottle.
2. Hold the bottle then slowly twist tip straight through the plastic at a 90 degree angle.
3. Rotate your Instant Waterpipe stem towards the bottom of your bottle.
4. Pack the bowl with your favorite legal herbs and ENJOY!