Horizontech - Arco II Tank

  • $39.99

The Horizon Arco II Tank is a 5 ml tank atomizer that is not only visually striking, it is also a high-end addition to the sub-ohm vaping category and it's even better than its predecessor. The atomizer utilizes unique 3 layer liquid guiding system that are completely original and combine flax paper and cotton that works together to ensure pure flavor outputs and no dry hits. The fibre in the paper actually expands over time, which means that the flavor production actually increases the longer you vape it. This innovative coil head also has a higher burning point that traditional cotton-only setups, meaning that dry hits are minimized overall. This impressive atomizer is designed to be very user-friendly and promises to deliver an optimal vaping experience for a wide range of users. For better experience, check this Arco II Tank out!