Efest 21700 battery

  • $22.99


Mooch rated: 

Bench Test Results: Efest Purple 35A 3700mAh 21700...only 30A but a great performer, similar to Golisi S35

Bottom Line: This is a great performing cell but it runs at close to 90°C at its 35A continuous rating. This is too hot in my opinion for decent cycle life as most cells say not to exceed 75°C-80°C. I don’t know why Efest decided to exaggerate the rating but it was completely unnecessary.

Actually, I do know why...our obsession with high rating numbers. I just don’t like that these companies feed into that instead of just showing us it’s a great performing 30A battery.

This Efest’s appearance and performance is very similar to the Golisi S35 but different enough that I cannot say they are the same cell. The Golisi is a bit better performer at lower current levels but the Efest shows less voltage sag at the start at 30A.

I am estimating the ratings for this Efest to be 30A and 3700mAh. The 30A rating helps to keep its temperature down closer to the 80°C limit used by other cells.