Avidartisan DIY Tool Kit

Avidartisan DIY Tool Kit

  • $39.99

Avidartisan Coil DIY Tool is a convenient electric automatic DIY Tool Kit and it meets all your DIY coil needs. With such an innovative product, you can easily create your own comfortable heating wire. And it sized 125x 45x 80mm.



-Automatic DIY tool to subvert your imagination

-Build the clapton coil

-All operations are too simple to pay much effort

-Button for easy control, speed control switch


Package includes:

1x Diagonal pliers

1x Needle-nose pliers

1x Scissors

1x Phillips screwdriver

1x Flathead screwdriver

1x Ceramic Tweezer

1x Elbow Tweezer (T3)

(With Rubber Caps for protection)

1x T styled Screwdriver